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Blog of KillBarney

Killbarney Tour Coming Soon!

January 5th, 2010 · 23 Comments · The Barney Files

Barney has some exciting news about a fun feature coming soon to the Killbarney blog … Barney’s tour is about to begin!

Stay tuned for guest posts featuring one of Jerry’s favorite Barney dolls in photos with Tripawds members around the world. Barney’s first stop was a recent visit with Caira Sue. And we hear those two had some fun on the beach. Stay tuned for details!

Where will Barney end up next? Only Caira Sue knows! But once he gets there, we’ll be sure to let you know here. Here’s how it works… whoever receives Barney must send us a photo of him together with their tripawd. Include a few words about the visit, and we’ll publish a Killbarney post about the adventure. Tripawds Bloggers can then follow up with more photos and details about the visit in their own blog.

They must then forward Barney onto another Tripawds member, in a timely manner. Simply send someone a PM (Private Message) in the forums to see if they’re interested and get their mailing address. Inside the box is a journal for keeping track of where Barney has been.

Over time, we will all get to see Barney with Tripawds members everywhere. And we’ll see how he holds up! If Barney loses a limb – or two– it’s noting a little needle and thread can’t fix before he gets back in the box.

Once we post the photos here in the Killbarney blog, members with their own blogs should post a follow-up with additional details and more photos, linking back to the original Killbarney post. Any questions?

OK. For clarification then, we present…

The KillBarney Tour Rules of Engagement:

  • The Killbarney Tour is a stealth operation
  • Recipients of Barney should email Jerry or asend PM to Admin with a few words about their visit along with a photo.
  • Killbarney will then update his Tour Map and publish a post here announcing the latest stop.
  • After that, members can then follow up with more details and photos in their own blog. (Non-blogging members can feel free to submit up to three photos.)
  • PM the member of your choice to receive Barney next to get their mailing address, and send him on his way in a timely manner.
  • Be sure to sign the trip journal included with Barney, and feel free to add a memento from your home town.*
  • The host Tripawd to draw first blood shall have his/her people mend Barney, and add a needle with  a spool of heavy duty thread to the box.
  • Other than that, anything goes!
  • Get creative with your KillBarney photo opportunities, or make a video.
  • Play by the rules and no one gets hurt … except maybe Barney! :-)

*Once a few trinkets are in the box, we could treat this like a geo cache with each new host keeping an item and replacing it with something of their own. We don’t want that box getting too heavy!

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