Barney meets another celebrity at Blog Paws!

Tripawds travelling Barney meets Tillman the skateboarding dog at Blog Paws pet blogging conference.

We told you Barney had some big news from the Blog Paws conference he attended with Team Tripawds. Well, check this out!

Barney meets Tillman at BlogPaws
Barney meets Tillman at BlogPaws

Yes. Barney met Tillman, the famous skateboarding dog star from Who Let the Dogs Out! The two have a lot in common. Tillman travels in his own bus, and Barney roamed the country in an RV with Jerry and his pack. They both made guest appearances at Blog Paws. And they both have lots of fans all over the world.

Tillman had a busy schedule as the Natural Balance spokesdawg so we didn’t have long to chat. But you can follow his antics Saturday mornings on Animal Planet!

More big killbarney news coming soon!

Now, stay tuned for some more photos from Barney’s visit with Wyatt on the ranch, and some extra special news about future stops on the KillBarney Tour! And if you really want to host a stop on the the KillBarney Tour, be sure to post in the I Want Barney forum topic.

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Barney was always a favorite of Jerry … and his greatest nemesis.

6 thoughts on “Barney meets another celebrity at Blog Paws!”

  1. Wow, Barney – Tillman! That’s impressive. We love Tillman. I hope you did the whole “I’m not worthy” thing… cuz you’re really not!

    Jackie, Angel Abby (Abby says “GRRRRR”, Barney!), and MBBunny Rita

  2. Tilman’s treats were some of Lupe’s favorites!!! A dog that can skateboard is cool in my book, a bulldog skateboarding is awesome!!!

    If Barney needs a break from the tripawds, he is more than welcome to come to Boston to hang with me and discover Angel Lupe’s home…

    -Kori & Angel Lupe

  3. Can’t wait for more KillBarney!!! Wyatt, you’re supposed to get him, not take him to meet famous celebrities — he’s gonna get all big-headed if you don’t take him down a notch!

    Rio’s momma, Micki

  4. Awww! Tillman was actually in one of the commercials for the company my husband works for (Armstrong Flooring)! I love that commercial!

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