Chloe Drags Barney Back to the Beach

Chloe chews off Barney’s eye and drags him to the beach during another KillBarney Tour California Tripawd visit.

Ding! Ding! We have a winner – Ginger was right. It was Chloe who had Barney all along. And boy have they been busy…

Chloe and Barney at the BeachHighlights of Barney’s Visit

Barney was initiated by Chloe immediately upon arrival through the removal of his right eye.  It seems to be a popular place to chew amongst the tripawds!  We definitely started his visit on the right note!  But before I tell you what else Chloe did to our purple friend, I will first elaborate further on our other adventures.

Chloe loves going to the beach, so why not take Barney around to show him how great the California weather is in winter?  While we were there, we enjoyed the sunny day, found some sea glass, chased the receding waves, buried Barney in the sand… a wonderful time was had by all, especially by Chloe.

Barney is StylinAnd on St. Patrick’s day, Barney told me he wanted to find some luck. So on our daily walk he rummaged through patches of clovers along the way. He was hoping to find a four leaf clover you know!

Unfortunately that didn’t pan out…  I asked him why he wanted to find some luck and he told me he wanted to become a real toy like the other ones Chloe had…

If you want to find out what Barney meant and what else happened to Barney on his visit, go to Chloe’s blog to read more!

And did I mention Barney made a music video?

California is turning out to be a popular destination for our little purple friend. Where he will head next, nobody knows – well, except for Chloe perhaps. To see where he has been, check out the KillBarney Tour map. And stay tuned here for his next big adventure!

Ginger Has Drawn First Fuzz!

Ginger has drawn first fuzz, attempting to blind Barney but only getting as far as one eye.

Let’s hear it for Ginger!

This just in from the KillBarney Tour

Barney’s visit to Pontiac, IL is almost over.  I don’t know if he had a good time or not – but I had a lot of fun torturing him 🙂

We showed him around our town, which as you will see, we are very proud of.  He came along to the office to help Daddy work on Saturday morning.  He was even here to go to the dog pawty at my cancer hospital.

I know Comet will be proud – I was chewing on his head when all of a sudden, white stuffing started coming out of his eye.  Oops!  My pawrents got him an eye patch so he could say he was just getting a jump on his Halloween costume – but I know the truth.  Mommy is going to try to sew him up for the next tripawd.

Be sure to check Ginger’s blog soon for all the gory details! As the KillBarney Tour rules dictate, Barney will get stitched up before heading on his way with needle and thread in the box. (Some good member may wish to remove Barney’s remaining eye for safety’s sake. We all know what can happen once the fuzz starts to fly, and Tripawds is not responsible for any unattended choking hazards)