Word From Barney At Last!

Tripawds traveling Barney visits Tripod and his Pack in Paso Robles, CA on the KillBarney Tour.

If you’re as anxious to hear about Barney’s latest adventures as we have been, check this out from TriPod and his pack!

At long last Mr. B has arrived! Yea! Let the purple fur fly… 😉


I was the first one that was brave enough to stick my nose in the box….so many interesting smells I couldn’t resist.


But it didn’t take long before everyone joined in….mama Koda grabbed a bag of goodies to look at and was checking out the cool notebook. Sushi cat thought the empty box was way more fun than Barney. Grammie Brandie tried to take him but I called first dibs.


Barney and I did our customary sniffs of each other and then it was on!

We got a pretty good tussle going but I managed to pin him down for the win.


We promise to take good care of him (well mostly) but there ARE four of us so it could be a little dangerous if he gets too sassy.

TriPod & the Pack
“living life to the fullest……one hop at a time”

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Stay tuned to T-Pod’s blog for details about his romp with Barney!

Check the KillBarney Tour Map to see all the stops Barney has made with Tripawds members around the world. For photos and original journal entries from his first thirty visits get the first tour guidebook or e-book today!

Folsom Prison Blues With Barney

KillBarney Tour stops at Folsom Prison where Jerry’s little purple dinosaur friend visits three legged dog Rizzo.

Big News: Barney has already reached his next destination on the KillBarney Tour! Or has he?

KillBarney Tour Takes Barney To Folsom PrisonPerhaps he has had another brush with the law.

KillBarney Tour Takes Barney To Folsom Prison

Or maybe he’s made another narrow escape!

Barney Overlooks Nimbus Dam

Or is he contemplating the end again?

We Bet Rizzo Knows!

Stay tuned to Rizzo’s blog for all the gory details about Barney’s latest visit to another Tripawds member. Check the KillBarney Tour Map to see everywhere Jerry’s little friend has been. And if you are sincerely interested in hosting the purple nemesis, be sure to mention why in the I Want Barney forum topic.

Barney Escapes Being Terrorized by Bin Laden

The KillBarney Tour resumes with Jerry’s travelling Barney visiting Bernie Bin Laden and Linda Newport Harbor, California.

At long last, the KillBarney Tour has resumed! In fact Jerry’s Barney has travelled full circle back to the beach-side burg where his tour first began when he visited Maximutt.

Read all about Barney’s action packed visit with Spirit Max’s pack and how he narrowly escaped being terrorized by Bernie Bin Laden. See how he overcame Linda with his stank, and check out his swank new ride…

When Bernie met Barney: The Killbarney Tour resumes

Stay tuned for more smelly adventures of the little purple guy as he hits the road again soon. Where he goes, nobody knows!

Where oh where has Barney gone?

Enjoy classic video of Tripawds founder Jerry the three legged dog thrashing on Barney as we await news of the next KillBarney Tour visit.

While we anxiously await news about Barney’s latest adventures, please enjoy this blast from the past – one of Jerry’s first Barney thrashing videos, long before the KillBarney Tour ever began.

This video was shot just a couple months after Jerry’s amputation, before he and his pack even set out on their road trip of a lifetime. Notice how he had already learned to grab his little purple nemesis with his one remaining front paw!

Stay tuned for reports from Jerry’s Barney as he visits Tripawds members around the globe. And if you have no idea what we’re talking about be sure to review this recap of the KillBarney Tour rules of engagement.

Lylee Girl welcomes Barney back to California

KillBarney Tour stops in Sebastopol California for a visit with three legged dog Lylee Girl.

Barney has landed! This just in from lyleegirl ….

Hippie Barney in CaliforniaDear Spirit Jerry & all:

From the 1st photo you get one guess to what State Barney has landed in. 🙂

Woo Hooo!! Peace and love, people!! The fun has already begun – let the pawty continue we say!

Thanks Angel Bo & his family for sending him to us next!!!

Wags & Kisses

Lylee Girl ~ TGP* furever!

Tripawd Lyleegirl Lets Barney Have It

Stay tuned to Lylee’s blog for all the gory details about Barney’s visit! To see all the Tripawds members Barney has visited, check out the KillBarney Tour Map. Wondering what the KillBarney Tour is all about? Read a little bit of Barney History.

*Tripawd Girl Power