Where oh where has Barney gone?

Enjoy classic video of Tripawds founder Jerry the three legged dog thrashing on Barney as we await news of the next KillBarney Tour visit.

While we anxiously await news about Barney’s latest adventures, please enjoy this blast from the past – one of Jerry’s first Barney thrashing videos, long before the KillBarney Tour ever began.

This video was shot just a couple months after Jerry’s amputation, before he and his pack even set out on their road trip of a lifetime. Notice how he had already learned to grab his little purple nemesis with his one remaining front paw!

Stay tuned for reports from Jerry’s Barney as he visits Tripawds members around the globe. And if you have no idea what we’re talking about be sure to review this recap of the KillBarney Tour rules of engagement.

Waiting for Word Once Again

Tripawds Founder and CFO Jerry before amputation lounging on the couch in Eureka, CA with a few of his first plush Barney Dolls and one extra leg.

Our angel Jerry knows all, including where Barney is headed, but he’s not telling.

So we went searching for old photos of him to share with his patiently waiting fans in the meantime…

Here’s one we found of the Tripawds founder and CFO (Chief Fun Officer) with of few of his purple friends, and one extra leg!

Where oh where has Barney gone? Where oh where could he be? 🙂