Vader Welcomes Barney Back To UK

Tripawds KillBarney Tour takes Barney to Shropshire, England to visit three legged dogs Vader and Tango.

Big news from International Barney! The KillBarney Tour has stopped back in Shropshire, England to visit Tripawds UK spoksedog Vader and his pack….

Barney arrives in the UK at chez Murphy where two Tripawds, Vader and Tango are waiting to meet him! Barney is currently unpacking his things in Highley, Shropshire, England in the heart of the Countryside with Caroline Murphy (me!) and his 6 new canine friends, two of which are Tripawds! Vader is a 3 legged French bulldog and Tango is a 3 legged German Shepherd crossbreed. Both are missing their front right leg and were rescued by me after their amputations.

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Check the tour map to see  where Barney has been all over the world, or get a bit of Barney history if you wonder how this tour began.

Barney Lands in New Zealand

Jerry’s little Barney has taken his farthest trip on the KillBarney Tour yet! International Barney is now visiting Sarah and Kayla in New Zealand. Check out what they’ve been up to so far and stay tuned to find out where our little purple traveler may headed next.

Barney has arrived in NZ and has been tormented already. Kayla is having heaps of fun especially playing tug of war with dad. (I think we will need that thread and needle before we send him on.)

Sarge enjoyed the treats and said thank you with a big burp!!!! He quite liked the monkey butt ears too.

We will show Barney some of the local sights well if we can get his clothes back on as you will see in the photos.

Can’t wait to get a chance to read through the journal. Thank you guys so much for sending Barney to us, the treasures in the box are amazing and I cant wait to go through it all again. Mike (my husband) is looking through it all at the moment 🙂 will have to wait till he has finished!!!!

We’re gonna need a bigger map!