Katy Knows Where Barney Is

Jerry’s Barney visits Tripawds member Katydid in Lakeland Florida during his next stop on the KillBarney Tour!

This just in from Tripawds member katydid:

The purple dino arrived from Buffalo this afternoon and is currently vacationing in Lakeland FL.  Katy is very pleased to have Barney as her valentine this year and promises to show him a lovely time. 🙂

I don’t have any “guess where Barney is” photos yet, I’ll see about taking care of that asap.  In the meantime, there’s this:

Katy Hosts Tripawds KillBarney TourPlease stay tuned to Katy’s blog for complete details about Barney’s visit coming soon. If you want to host Barney, be sure to let Tripawds members know in the I Want Barney forum topic.

Barney likes Florida

😮 Did you know? This is the fifth time Barney has been to Florida! Jerry first took him to Vero Beach during the cross-country adventures with his pack. And since Jerry went on to The Bridge, his Barney has visited Bo, Alexander, Wolfie and now Katy. To see everywhere Jerry’s Barney has been, check out the KillBarney Tour Map!

Barney Paid a Visit to Bo

Bocephus hosts the KillBarney Tour before his passing.

We were very saddened to hear that Bo earned his wings. 🙁

Just a few das prior he had sent us this message …

Hey Jerry! Bo here! Mom came in with a special package this afternoon. She kept saying, “Barney’s here, Barney’s here!” Then, she got a little teary because she said my pal Chili Dawg sent it to me on his way out. I got excited just from sniffing the box. Monkeycat Belle was real interested in this Barney box, too.

Bocephus greets Barney with a big smile.

Mom opened up the box and my eye caught sight of the stinkiest….smelliest….ugliest purple beast EVER! I could not wait to sink my teeth into that guy. I started hopping up and down, but Mom put him on the kitchen counter! She said she had to read the rules first. So, while she’s reading and boo hooing over the Barney Box, I’m sitting here drooling…waiting to get a hold of this dude.

Finally, she let me at him! We went outside and I was really getting him good…he was squeaking and everything. After a little while of Barney torture, Mom took him away and said something about being too rough and that she’s not a very good seamstress. She said that maybe I could try killing him again tomorrow. I think I might try to drown him in the pool…I might have to sneak that by Mom though.

Bo has a go at Barney.

Of course, Dad had his camera the whole time and got some pictures of me with Barney.

Thanks for starting the Barney chain mail… this guy tastes great. And he makes Mom and Dad happy, too!

Please send Bo’s pack your pawsitive thoughts, and check his blog for more news about his visit with Barney.

Barney takes another Great trip to Florida

Barney visits Tripawds member xanderdane in Tampa, Florida for fun times with Alexander the three legged Great Dane.

Barney gets around! From one corner of the country to the other … jdsmom up in Puyallup, Washington sent Barney to meet Alexander down in Tampa, Florida. We just heard from xanderdane with this message:

“Yes JD’s mom sent Barney to us!

We welcomed him into our home in Sunny Tampa Florida two days ago… I’m sure he’ll be having some adventures here shortly.

I can’t tell you what an awesome thing the Barney doll is … knowing that so many families and dogs, touched by the same disease and hardship, have shared this connection.

We will be taking many photos, and have lots to post…”

We’re looking forward to hearing all about Barney’s visit in Xander’s blog soon!

Jerry Christmas To All

Jerry reminds all three legged dogs and their people to have very Hoppy Holidays, with his smiling photo from Christmas morning, 2007.

Jerry’s favorite present – aside from the Now* – was always that crazy singing Barney. No matter how many times it was re-gifted.

Jerry Christmas to Tripawds Everywhere!

*Now, present, gift, get it? 🙂

Hoppy Holidays KillBarney Fans! Stay tuned for more adventures of Jerry’s little purple friend in the New Year! In the mean time, check out where Barney has been, or let members know if you’d like him to pay a visit and why.

Barney Attempts Suicide

The KillBarney Tour takes Barney to Florida for a fun filled visit with Spirit Jake’s pack – Wolfie and Nala. But was it all fun and games?

We finally heard from Barney and discovered why he’s taken his time to tell us about the latest stop on his Killbarney Tour. He’s having emotional issues. Nala and Wolfie – pack mates of Spirit Jake – sent us a brief story about their visit, but from the photos they sent we can tell what really happened…

Wolfie welcomed Barney with a brief tour of his Florida home, but things  quickly took a turn for the worse…

Fed up with all these dogs mouthing him for a few days and passing him on, Barney contemplated ending it all…

Wolfie, realizing the affect of his actions, has a change of heart…

He jumps in to save Barney from certain drowning…

Or, did he just need to cool off?

Regardless, we are happy to report that Barney has received a much needed cleaning and is now back on the road – happy and healthy after some thoughtful counseling from Nala…

To find out what really happened during Barney’s visit to Florida – and whether or not he has taken to drinking – be sure to check out Jake’s Journey soon. And stay tuned for details about the next stop on the KillBarney Tour!