Barney and Cadence, sitting in a tree…

Well not quite…

Followers of the KillBarney Tour know by now that two of Jerry’s Barney dolls are now circling the globe. Well, Domestic Barney has landed near Chicago again and this is what we heard from Cadence’s mom:

Immediately when the box arrived, Cadence knew it was for her somehow. She sniffed it intently. I opened it for her and immediately she started nosing through all the items.

Cadence and Barney

Right off the bat, what caught her attention were the dog biscuits in the plastic baggie. She pulled that out first, started ripping apart the plastic, then snooped inside the rest of the box. She found Barney.

Cadence and Barney

I had to take him out because she was enamored with the dog biscuits and the rest of the items in the box. When she found the Monkeybutt rabbit ears, she got really excited and wanted to try them on. I told her she was not a monkeybutt dog, but try telling her that. I gave in and took a picture.

Cadence and Barney

Then, Little Brother came over and found Barney right away. Cadence tried to defend him at first, but let him have Barney, as the treats were just too attractive to turn her attention back on Barney. Barney got offended that a Tripawd would find treats were interesting than him and we found him chilling on our unfinished deck in the hot tub. We told him it does not work without water, but he seemed not to care. LOL!

Barney Tubbing

Stay tuned to Cadence’s blog or the Discussion Forums for more details and photos from Barney’s visit. Check the KillBarney tour Map to see other Tripawds members Barney has visited. We hope to hear where International Barney is soon!

Chili Dawg and Finchy Host KillBarney Tour

Chili Dawg and Finchy host the KillBarney Tour

Barney’s been movin’ fast these days! This just in from the Chili Dawg

Barney arrived today!  Mom only let me have an initial “taste” of him.  Finchy and I are dying to get our teeth into him.  Mom says that Abby put him through the ringer and may have given him some brain damage.   She is going to take him to skool so he can have an edgukashun (whatever that is) for a day before I can kill him, to see what he knows.  I hope he’s happy – right now Juliana has him in a doll dress and is taking him for a ride in her doll stroller.  Mom says she will update her blog during the week.

Chili Dawg and Finchy Welcome Tripawds Barney

Stay tuned to Chili’s blawg for complete details, and check out the KillBarney Tour Map to see everywhere the KillBarney Tour has taken Jerry’s little purple friend!

Isabelle and the Monkeycats Host Barney

Isabelle and the Monkeycats host Barney in the Windy City.

This mysterious message just came in from the monkeycat:

Barney and the MonkeycatI THINK I KILLED HIM!!!! WHHAAATT? Isn’t that the whole point???

Has Barney ever visited a Monkeycat before?

He’s just been rescued over meowing protests and hasn’t had much in the way of adventure yet… It is probably going to be a few days before poor Barney has any adventures.

As it turns out, Barney’s latest host has pneumonia. Hopefully she doesn’t pass it on to the little purple guy because he’s got places to go and Tripawds to meet! Stay tuned to the discussion forums for a delirious post from littlemanjake to find out if Barney made it out of the Windy City alive.

Until then, listen to the Tripawd Talk Radio interview about Isabelle to see if she is the kind to kill Barney, or love him.

Barney and Isabelle

Interested in hosting Barney on one of his KillBarney Tour stops? Be sure to post in the I Want Barney forum topic to let your tripawd’s intentions be known!

Holly Hosts the KillBarney Tour

The KillBarney Traveling Tripawds Barney Tour stops in Clarendon Hills, IL for a visit with Holly Jolly By Golly and ZuZu.

Attention  KillBarney Fans: This just in from Holly Jolly By Golly!

We’ve sure been having fun with Barney here in Clarendon Hills!  Let’s see… where did our adventure start?

Holly and ZuZu welcome Barney

Well, both Holly and Zuzu were quite excited to help open the box… and Zuzu was the one who pulled Barney out of the package.  While on the surface it looks like Zuzu did the most damage – she continued to gnaw on his eye…(which I think Ginger had started) but was unsuccessful in making him a cyclops – in reality I think Holly did such an amazing job at scrambling Barney’s brains that she did more damage overall.  Holly did the terrier thing of shaking him to within an inch of his life!  So we now think that in addition to his external scars and bruises, Barney has scrambled brains.  (check out the dumb smile he still has, though!)

The girls took Barney outside on a nice day, and he ended up climbing into the tomato plants to escape the torture.  Unfortunately, Zuzu decided she wanted some of Gayles juju, so she ate one of the socks that Charon made for Barney.  At first I thought I could repair it, but now I think I need to knit him another one.  I’ll take care of that tonight.

We took Barney to Morton Arboretum, where he got left in a maze and was heard yelling for help for miles around!

We also took him into Chicago, but the pictures from that trip didn’t turn out because it was night and you couldn’t see any of the landmarks in the background.  Except when he climbed onto a Chicago Tribune news dispenser. ok – I can’t seem to attach the picture with the tribune thing.  🙁  Maybe my attachments got too fat!

Both girls were incredibly obsessed with Barney’s feet.  They kept asking me if his feet smelled like fritos.  We’re all wondering if Opie passed that along to him…And there’s a picture of Zuzu and Barney eating orange stuff – the orange stuff is the pupcorn that Ginger sent to Zuzu and Holly!

As you can see, the girls had a great time with the purple beast.  But it’s time to pass him along to the next lucky tripawd.

Thanks for all the fun!  Stay tuned to Holly’s blog for complete details and more photos from Barney’s visit…

— Holly, Zuzu and Susan

PS: As I was writing this, Barney was sitting on the kitchen table and Zuzu was whimpering for “one last time” with the purple dinosaur! 🙂

Barney Hides from Holly and ZuZu

Ginger Has Drawn First Fuzz!

Ginger has drawn first fuzz, attempting to blind Barney but only getting as far as one eye.

Let’s hear it for Ginger!

This just in from the KillBarney Tour

Barney’s visit to Pontiac, IL is almost over.  I don’t know if he had a good time or not – but I had a lot of fun torturing him 🙂

We showed him around our town, which as you will see, we are very proud of.  He came along to the office to help Daddy work on Saturday morning.  He was even here to go to the dog pawty at my cancer hospital.

I know Comet will be proud – I was chewing on his head when all of a sudden, white stuffing started coming out of his eye.  Oops!  My pawrents got him an eye patch so he could say he was just getting a jump on his Halloween costume – but I know the truth.  Mommy is going to try to sew him up for the next tripawd.

Be sure to check Ginger’s blog soon for all the gory details! As the KillBarney Tour rules dictate, Barney will get stitched up before heading on his way with needle and thread in the box. (Some good member may wish to remove Barney’s remaining eye for safety’s sake. We all know what can happen once the fuzz starts to fly, and Tripawds is not responsible for any unattended choking hazards)