Barney and Cadence, sitting in a tree…

Well not quite…

Followers of the KillBarney Tour know by now that two of Jerry’s Barney dolls are now circling the globe. Well, Domestic Barney has landed near Chicago again and this is what we heard from Cadence’s mom:

Immediately when the box arrived, Cadence knew it was for her somehow. She sniffed it intently. I opened it for her and immediately she started nosing through all the items.

Cadence and Barney

Right off the bat, what caught her attention were the dog biscuits in the plastic baggie. She pulled that out first, started ripping apart the plastic, then snooped inside the rest of the box. She found Barney.

Cadence and Barney

I had to take him out because she was enamored with the dog biscuits and the rest of the items in the box. When she found the Monkeybutt rabbit ears, she got really excited and wanted to try them on. I told her she was not a monkeybutt dog, but try telling her that. I gave in and took a picture.

Cadence and Barney

Then, Little Brother came over and found Barney right away. Cadence tried to defend him at first, but let him have Barney, as the treats were just too attractive to turn her attention back on Barney. Barney got offended that a Tripawd would find treats were interesting than him and we found him chilling on our unfinished deck in the hot tub. We told him it does not work without water, but he seemed not to care. LOL!

Barney Tubbing

Stay tuned to Cadence’s blog or the Discussion Forums for more details and photos from Barney’s visit. Check the KillBarney tour Map to see other Tripawds members Barney has visited. We hope to hear where International Barney is soon!

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Barney was always a favorite of Jerry … and his greatest nemesis.

6 thoughts on “Barney and Cadence, sitting in a tree…”

  1. Be careful missy–those ears almost look good on you! And if they look too good, it may be hard to get them off of your head.

    Barney is a rabble-rouser, an instigator of foolish and embarrassing behavior. Be. Very. Careful. I hope you have fun with him, and I hope you teach him some manners. I know you are a real lady, but I’m worried about that brother of yours. Watch your back. And your sides.

    Love, Dakota

  2. Oh dear, Cadence – you look so good in those monkeybutt bunny ears…. Don’t go over to the dark side!

    Have fun with Barney – hope he doesn’t cause any scuffles. He tries to be an instigator!

    Jackie, Angel Abby’s mom

  3. Cadence….you look marvelous darling! And if the monkeybutt bunny ears and treats are what makes you happy in that box….go for it baby!!! Soon the aroma will come creeping and crawling and somehow enter that nose of yours and you will want to kill that stinking Barney! Or let your MonkeyButt brother do it. Either way, have fun!!!

    Suzie and TWP Rizzo

  4. OH MY!!! Barney is looking even MORE freaked out than when he was here back in January!!!

    Come on Cadence My Love… the jugular is exposed!!! You could put an end to all of this silliness with one well-placed crunch. But wait until Mom is done crying after she goes through all the memory stuff. My mom is STILL sniffling.


  5. Is Barney wearing a skirt??? I know I’ve been AWOL a lot recently but wow!!! a lot has changed!

    Cadence, don’t give Barney an inch! If you do, you’ll never get it back. And those ears, I almost didn’t see them on you! But what Abby’s mom said, “Don’t go to the dark side.”

    Can’t wait to see you bite that purple guy!

    Rio’s momma, Micki

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