The Devil Went Down to Georgia

Barney takes the Tripawds KillBarney Tour to Georgia where he visits Adelaide the Tripawd Husky, Spirit Brendol the cancer hero and the kitties too.

What a tough little dino that Barney is, nothing will stop him! After surviving the most insane adventures EVER with Happy Hannah’s pack . . .

He dried himself off, packed his bag, stuck that big purple thumb out and hitchhiked down to Georgia to wreak havoc in the lives of some special Southern Belles who tell us:

“Barney arrived!  Woohoo, we are so excited to have this little purple visitor.  So last night when I got home, I found this mysterious delivery at the door…

What could it be?  It’s squishy.  It’s addressed to Karma, Addy, Aissa, the Kitties, and Brendol.  Hmmmm. So we opened it up…

lol, Barney!  Oh boy!  He may be in for a real adventure.  I doubt it will be anything as exciting as skydiving and scuba diving in Honduras, but Addy is ready to show him the ropes here in Georgia.

Just his first night here, and Adelaide already doesn’t want to let him go.

I made sure Barney sat in a safe place for the evening.  First he climbed up into the cat perch.  I think he wanted to say hi to Brendol.  And she smiled down on him.

Only one problem with him hanging in the cat perch… Barney is not a cat, and Mathilde claims that spot usually.  She only mildly tolerated him, but of course he didn’t budge.

Barney is getting stitched up today and then he will start exploring I’m sure.  Such an ornery fella, can’t keep him down.  More to come!  All you tripawders keep a watch out for Barney and his adventures.

Will the purple beast survive Addy and her pack? Only time will tell! Watch Addy’s blog for his latest adventures!

Author: killbarney

Barney was always a favorite of Jerry … and his greatest nemesis.

6 thoughts on “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”

  1. Karma….looking forward to the many adventures that Barney will have with your “pack” in Georgia!


    Linda and Tucker

  2. Yay, I can’t wait to hear about Barney’s adventures with Brendol’s pack. I am sure she is smiling down.

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  3. OH KARMA!!! Even though you were kind enought to give me a little “sneak preview”…..shhhhh…..our little secret…..these videos were even funnier the second time!!

    I love how Addy is “somewhat gentle” at first…licking Barney’s wound…… (or trying to “kill” him while he’s in a weakened state!)…..carrying him softly…..UNTIL you try to put Barney up for the night! Let the tug of war begin!

    Yeah, Barney survived scuba diving, skydiving, but I really have m doubts avout him surviving ADDY!!!

    Take lots of pictures…this could very well be Barney’s “swan song”!

    Of course, my favorite picture is Brendol smiling (or more like laughing) at Barney!

    Enjoy the fun Karma! It’ll be a smile maker everytime we see a pic of Barney and your pack!

    Lots of love!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  4. Oh Barney is going to have to be a tough one to survive!

    Love that pic of Brendol! Mini-me sniffed the screen when I played the videos for him last night. He was VERY entertained, barking and whining at the computer screen LOL

    Much love from CA!

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