KillBarney Tour Taking A Break

The worldwide Tripawds Traveling Barney Tour may be over, but the limited edition KillBarney TourBook is available documenting the first 30+ visits with Tripawds members around the world.

KillBarney Tour Book

After much deliberation at Tripawds HQ, the KillBarney Tour has been suspended until further notice.

Jerry says final goodbye to Barney.
Jerry says goodbye to Barney.

The two Barney Boxes are finally back home, safe with all contents intact.


Jerry’s last remaining traveling Barneys will be taking a break from any further world travels for a wile. Having gone missing for more than a year, we cannot risk disappearance of these Tripawds treasures.

KillBarney Tour Guidebook

The original journal entries and all mementos are being inventoried, photographed, cataloged and prepared for archival storage.  But don’t worry. You can catch up on the first few dozen legs of the KillBarney Tour with the official KillBarney TourBook!

KillBarney Tour Book Vol. 1

This 128 page magazine style guidebook features photos, hand-written notes, and blog entries from the first 32 members who hosted the KillBarney Tour, from Caira Sue in January, 2010 to Rizzo in June, 2012.

Preview all pages and order your limited edition copy today in the Tripawds Blurb Bookstore!

What is The KillBarney Tour?

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Barney was always a favorite of Jerry … and his greatest nemesis.

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