Caira Sue Kicks Off Killbarney Tour

Caira Sue plays plays with Barney at Sherman Island

The first stop on the Killbarney Tour was a visit to the beach with Caira Sue in California …

Barney hides from Caira Sue at Sherman Island

Caira Sue received a coffee pot in the mail. It wasn’t really a coffee pot. It was Barney, hiding in a coffee pot box!

Barney came to visit us, so we thought we would take him to one of Caira’s favorite places to go. Sherman Island.

Caira Sue pulls Barney from Adam

I don’t think he realized Caira Sue was going too. He attempted to hide a few times, but she found him anyway. At one point it looked like Adam and she were going to pull that guy from limb to limb! Another time it appeared that Caira was heading into the water to drown him. Poor Barney. But then something amazing happened – Barney levitated! No really! He did!

Barney levitates for Caira Sue

Caira finally lost interest in Barney and started playing with her ball…Barney got to sit on the sidelines and watch…I think I heard him sigh with relief.

He may have sighed too soon, however. When we were almost to the car, Caira grabbed Barney from my hands and ran across the street to the rocks! It was like she was saying “This creature isn’t getting back in the car with us!!!” She bounced him all over the rocks, and had Adam and I laughing til tears were coming down our faces. It was the funniest thing, ever!

Caira Sue attempts to drown Barney

Adam said that we now understand why the blog is called Killbarney.

Who’s next?

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Barney was always a favorite of Jerry … and his greatest nemesis.

15 thoughts on “Caira Sue Kicks Off Killbarney Tour”

  1. Oh my DOG we are laughing our heads off and barking like crazy, can you hear us. Arrrrrrooooooooooooofffff!!!!!

    I’m so hoppy that Barney gets to go on tour, and can’t wait to see who’s next! Oooh, the curiosity is just making me nuts!

  2. Wow! Who knew Barney had super powers and can levitate! Caira Sue, you look like you are in shock and awe!
    Codie Rae

    ps and I though I was the only one who could levitate around here!
    pss Caira Sue! So glad you had such a good day at Sherman Island!

  3. I’m SO glad Caira had such fun bashing Barney off some rocks. I bet he deserved it.

    Funny – until just this very moment, I thought Caira’s name was Ciara. Sorry Caira Sue, sometimes I’m not real observant 🙂


  4. Loved the pictures of Barney’s adventure with Caira Sue!! Especially when she made Barney float in the air… 🙂

    Angel Jake’s Mom

  5. Caira Sue, I can’t believe you could get Barney to levitate! I have always believed that Tripawds have special powers. That is so pawesome. It looks like you had a blast giving that silly little dinosaur a piece of your mind.

    Sue and Nova

  6. Caira Sue, you should get a job with David Copperfield! I try to levitate food off mom’s plate all the time, but it never works. Can you teach me how it’s done?

    Barney deserves whatever he gets!!

  7. Yeah Caira Sue…you just show that Barney who’s in charge. After you made him float, you made him stay still and not do anything silly, right? You’re the best.


  8. Hooray CairaSue!

    I wish I had been there to give Barney a few bashes off the rocks. Barney is stoopid. I once made my mom’s friend levitate when I stuck my nose under her nightshirt…made her squeal like a rabbit too, but you are a real magician…no they don’t call them that anymore, what’s the word? Oh yeah, you are an illooshinist. You did not even have to put your cold wet nose on him and he floated in the air. You rock. -Opie

  9. This is just too cute. So glad Caira Sue let Barney live! It would be a sad day if Barney died on his first journey!

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