A Big Day in Barney History

Tripawds Traveling Barney visits Jill in the Big Apple for a New York City stop on the KillBarney Tour and the first stay with a three legged cat.

Not only has the KillBarney Tour just made its first stop in the Big Apple, Jerry’s little purple friend is now visiting Tripawds kitty blogger Jill

Oh boy Oh boy Oh boy! It’s Barney’s first trip to the Big Apple and his FIRST TIME visiting a Tripawd Kitty Cat!! Good think there is a dawg here too or he might not get played with!

Barney and Jill

Jill seems to think he is here to give her belly rubs and Jack seems to be more interested in the box Barney came in, while Jill’s Aunt Belle has been busy destroying Barney from the second he got out of the box. Barney got a costume change as soon as he got here. Do you like his new digs?

Barney and Jill

Stay tuned to Jill’s Journey for more photos and details about Barney’s adventures in the Big Apple. If you want to host the U.S. leg of the KillBarney Tour next, post in the I Want Barney forum topic or consider sending a PM to Tripawds member rica55 for a quick response. want to see where Barney has been? Check the KillBarney Tour Map!

Barney Goes to Buffalo

This just in from kviz

The purple squirt has arrived…crusty and stinky as promised!

Barney Goes to Buffalo

Perhaps our Tripawd friends would like to guess where he ended up?

They can follow along at http://pegz.tripawds.com/

Monkeybutt Chaz already had a go at him…we need to clean him up some before the formal portraits.

We can’t wait to get all the gory details from Barney’s visit with Pegz. Looking to host Jerry’s little purple nemesis? Post in the I Want Barney forum!

Want to see where he’s been? Look at how busy the KillBarney Tour Map is getting!