Folsom Prison Blues With Barney

KillBarney Tour stops at Folsom Prison where Jerry’s little purple dinosaur friend visits three legged dog Rizzo.

Big News: Barney has already reached his next destination on the KillBarney Tour! Or has he?

KillBarney Tour Takes Barney To Folsom PrisonPerhaps he has had another brush with the law.

KillBarney Tour Takes Barney To Folsom Prison

Or maybe he’s made another narrow escape!

Barney Overlooks Nimbus Dam

Or is he contemplating the end again?

We Bet Rizzo Knows!

Stay tuned to Rizzo’s blog for all the gory details about Barney’s latest visit to another Tripawds member. Check the KillBarney Tour Map to see everywhere Jerry’s little friend has been. And if you are sincerely interested in hosting the purple nemesis, be sure to mention why in the I Want Barney forum topic.

Author: killbarney

Barney was always a favorite of Jerry … and his greatest nemesis.

3 thoughts on “Folsom Prison Blues With Barney”

  1. Oh I hope this won’t be a bloodbath. Rizzo has two monkeydogs so this could get really ugly if that’s where Barney’s headed. Should I go ahead and buy a sympathy card?


  2. “i hear the train a-comin’, comin’ round the bend”….geesh think evelyn will be on that train to save barney???

    charon & spirit gayle

  3. AHA! So THAT is where Evelyn is really going!! Pretty good undercover work, I’d say!

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