Chili Dawg and Finchy Host KillBarney Tour

Chili Dawg and Finchy host the KillBarney Tour

Barney’s been movin’ fast these days! This just in from the Chili Dawg

Barney arrived today!  Mom only let me have an initial “taste” of him.  Finchy and I are dying to get our teeth into him.  Mom says that Abby put him through the ringer and may have given him some brain damage.   She is going to take him to skool so he can have an edgukashun (whatever that is) for a day before I can kill him, to see what he knows.  I hope he’s happy – right now Juliana has him in a doll dress and is taking him for a ride in her doll stroller.  Mom says she will update her blog during the week.

Chili Dawg and Finchy Welcome Tripawds Barney

Stay tuned to Chili’s blawg for complete details, and check out the KillBarney Tour Map to see everywhere the KillBarney Tour has taken Jerry’s little purple friend!

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Barney was always a favorite of Jerry … and his greatest nemesis.

2 thoughts on “Chili Dawg and Finchy Host KillBarney Tour”

  1. Yup, what little brain he had, I damaged!

    Love the picture. Finchy is definitely getting a good whiff of eau d’ Barney! C’est peeeuuuuw!

    Get him, Chili, chew him up good…soon as he is done getting his edgukashun…


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