Barney Paid a Visit to Bo

Bocephus hosts the KillBarney Tour before his passing.

We were very saddened to hear that Bo earned his wings. 🙁

Just a few das prior he had sent us this message …

Hey Jerry! Bo here! Mom came in with a special package this afternoon. She kept saying, “Barney’s here, Barney’s here!” Then, she got a little teary because she said my pal Chili Dawg sent it to me on his way out. I got excited just from sniffing the box. Monkeycat Belle was real interested in this Barney box, too.

Bocephus greets Barney with a big smile.

Mom opened up the box and my eye caught sight of the stinkiest….smelliest….ugliest purple beast EVER! I could not wait to sink my teeth into that guy. I started hopping up and down, but Mom put him on the kitchen counter! She said she had to read the rules first. So, while she’s reading and boo hooing over the Barney Box, I’m sitting here drooling…waiting to get a hold of this dude.

Finally, she let me at him! We went outside and I was really getting him good…he was squeaking and everything. After a little while of Barney torture, Mom took him away and said something about being too rough and that she’s not a very good seamstress. She said that maybe I could try killing him again tomorrow. I think I might try to drown him in the pool…I might have to sneak that by Mom though.

Bo has a go at Barney.

Of course, Dad had his camera the whole time and got some pictures of me with Barney.

Thanks for starting the Barney chain mail… this guy tastes great. And he makes Mom and Dad happy, too!

Please send Bo’s pack your pawsitive thoughts, and check his blog for more news about his visit with Barney.

Author: killbarney

Barney was always a favorite of Jerry … and his greatest nemesis.

4 thoughts on “Barney Paid a Visit to Bo”

  1. Bo I’m glad you got to have some time with him before you joined the chili dawg across the rainbow bridge. I hope your pawrents find comfort in the journal. I know I did.


  2. This made me cry! Yes, Barney got a good whoopin’ before Bo left. Now, we’re letting Monkeycat Belle have her way with him. Stay tuned…

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