Barney gave a bit too much thanks.

Celebrity Barney arrested for DUI on KillBarney tour stop in Bothell, WA.

As is the case with most celebrities out on tour, Barney’s popularity has apparently gotten to him.

We hadn’t heard from Barney since his visit with Holly an Zuzu. But we were just notified that he was picked up on a DUI and busted somewhere in Washington.

Last we heard he had jumped bail and gone missing again.

Hopefully we’ll get the full story soon in Lincoln’s blog

Barney Gets Busted!

Complete Details And Photos from Barney’s DUI Arrest. [Read More.]

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Barney was always a favorite of Jerry … and his greatest nemesis.

4 thoughts on “Barney gave a bit too much thanks.”

  1. Wow! Zuzu,
    You really did eat his eyeball!
    you are such a nice boy, but you have to be careful. Red is a beautiful color. Purple can kill a feller. Ugh, even I’ll admit that one is bad. S. Opie’s mom

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