Barney Meets Gerry at the Pub

This just in from GerrysMom…

Whew!  Sorry this took so long folks, but Barney has been with us here this whole time, in chilly Madison, Wisconsin. And he has charmed yet another tripawd into letting him live another day (er, week).

If his tour had begun a few months earlier, and Yoda had received him, well Barney would be a dino-skin rug by now, no question.  De-stuffing stuffed animals was probably Yoda’s third favorite activity after chasing/catching real live animals and playing with/devouring tennis balls.  But Gerry is content simply to carry.  He ain’t heavy, says Gerry, he’s my Barney.

Gerry takes Barney for a walk

And so Gerry carried Barney on at least one walk per day, usually two.  He was fair and didn’t ignore his other toys, but kept in mind that Barney was only on loan, so the purple dinosaur got priority play-time.  The most damage Gerry did was pull of part of an already partially pulled-off tag.  I am pleased to note that Barney was made in America.  Well done, Barney.

We have a small video tribute in honor of Barney’s visit.  Our apologies that the music will probably turn out a little wobbly, as usual:

I’m afraid it was so cold here that we didn’t attempt any exciting trips with our houseguest.  However, in honor of Nova, who sent us Barney, in part, because her family are fans of Madison’s Great Dane Pubs, I did take Barney there for a photo op.  For Nova, I was willing to walk around with a Barney doll in public, and hold him up in the air (attracting plenty of attention) to take that photo.  I just think that should be noted…

It was worth any embarrassment, however, because while outside the Great Dane Pub, I feel I received a sign regarding who shall receive it next.  If this person declines at this time, no worries, I will pretend I actually received a different sign and none of you will ever know.

Oh, I should note that swapping spit with Nova on the Barney doll caused him to have some Great Dane moments.  He sat on my lap one day after playing with Barney, and then crawled into my lap a little while later, reminding me of those adorable pictures of Puppy Nova.  So, if subsequent receivers of Barney see their tripawd start carrying shoes, or knocking things off the coffee table with their tail, or growing black spots on their tongue – no worries! – that’s just Gerry’s DNA rubbing off.  It’s probably temporary.

Thanks for the visit Barney and dogspeed in your future travels!

~ GerrysMom & Gerry

PS: I think Spirit Yoda must have been offing hunting wabbits all week, otherwise he would have talked Gerry into de-stuffing Barney.

Author: killbarney

Barney was always a favorite of Jerry … and his greatest nemesis.

16 thoughts on “Barney Meets Gerry at the Pub”

  1. It makes me so hoppy to see Barney having such a great time with Gerry! I see we have a lot in common. I never ate my friends either. Wyatt Ray, however, loves to destroy on contact. My Mom secretly hopes that maybe Wyatt will get to slobber all over Barney some day and get some of your DNA rub off on him, Gerry!

    Can’t wait to see who’s next. Thanks for the fun video and photos.

  2. Yay!! Nova is so glad to hear that her beloved Barney has not been destroyed. And she is so honored that you (gulp) appeared IN PUBLIC with a Barney doll at such a hallowed place as the Great Dane Pub. Thank you!

    “Dogspeed”…. love it!


  3. I demand a do-over!! I want to see you in the downtown Great Dane with Barney having a beer and shooting some pool. Standing in the Fitchburg parking lot so does not count. LOL

  4. Hey yeah, Hopalong Harley is right, the downtown Great Dane was the place my pawrents said was really pawsome. Think they would let me in, being a Great Dane and all?

    I would imagine Barney really NEEDS a beer by now.


  5. Ohhh, Hopalong called me out. There were people there. It was embarrassing! I did originally plan to go to the prettier pubs (early in the morning, hoping no one would be around), either downtown or Hilldale Mall, but I had an errand to run at the pet store near the Fitchburg Pub anyway. I’ll have to think of some conditions for me to agree to take a Barney doll into Great Dane Pub. I’m thinking it would require a visit from out-of-town Tripawd members. We’ll see.

  6. He ain’t heavy, he’s my Barney! I love it!!! Made us laugh out loud!

    Shouldn’t Barney have a coat? It really looks cold there, excuse me while I put a coat on while we post.

    Great movie, thanks for sharing.

  7. Oh, I know taking Barney downtown or to Hilldale would be embarassing, that’s why I just had to call you out … hee hee. I’m all for an out-of-town Tripawd members trip to the Great Dane … well, I’m in-town or down-the-street or whatever, but you know what I mean. Would be cool to have a Tripawd Party in Madison!

    -Gwen & Harley

  8. Oh Gerry,

    What fun! You were so nice to carry Barney on your walks. Just wondering, is Barney getting better tasting and smelling? MMMMmmmmm Barney. Opie

  9. Awe, I’m so glad Barney lived for another trip. Gerry is so loving, taking his guest along on walks and all. How sweet. Can’t wait to see where he lands next.

  10. Gerry you were so very nice to that purple thing! He was probably thankful you only carried him around and tried to rip his tag off. If he ever came to our house he would be sorry as I love to kill stuffed toys especially purple dinosaurs 🙂 !

  11. I wonder if Barney shivers in his plush purple skin at the menacing thought of whose jaws he might end up in next… He’s been lucky so far to be with such polite tripawds!!

  12. Awww, Gerry! What a cute video!!! Glad to see you had such fun with the purple one. You were so gentle and restrained with him. I sure hope someone sends him to meeeee someday. I have very small teeth, yes I do!

    Codie Rae

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