Headless Barney Seen on the Slabs

FrankenBarney last seen in Slab City, USA

Who is that Half Pint, anyway? And what does he have against animals?

If Wyatt ever finds out, he’s likely do to him something similar to what he has done with poor FrankenBarney!

Check out Barney’s travel blog for more about his pilgrimage to the Church of Broken Toys in Slab City, USA. And stay tuned for news about the next stop on the KillBarney Tour.

Author: killbarney

Barney was always a favorite of Jerry … and his greatest nemesis.

9 thoughts on “Headless Barney Seen on the Slabs”

  1. Methinks Wyatt Ray is smart enough to blame Frankenbarney’s little mishap on “Half Pint”.

  2. OMG!! Looks like someone needs a ‘head transplant’!!! Has Barney’s head been recovered yet, or is he going to continue his cross-country journey as the headless purple one? 🙂

    Angel Jake’s Mom

  3. Noooooo….. is this the Barney that Nova showered with kisses? Please say it isn’t so? Where IS poor Barney’s head? Nova misses his sweet dinosaur kisses.

  4. Poor Barney! But think of it this way – he can be in two places at once now! ha ha ha. I wonder if that’s what my mom thinks I look like when she says that I’ve lost my head?

  5. …is this the Barney that Nova showered with kisses?

    Fear not my Queen, Wyatt’s FrankenBarney is only kin to Jerry’s Barney stuffie out traveling on the KillBarney tour. The latter is still intact, last we heard at least! Where is that fuzzy guy anyway?

  6. Don’t you wish you knew where Barney was going!!!! Do we have any Tripawds in Paris or Rome or even Hawaii- he really needs a good vacation right Comet? Just kidding we are pretty sure the next Tripawd and family might give Barney a run for his money! He should be arriving there any day!!! Good luck Barney our friend!

    Dillon and Rhys

  7. Barney! Where are you? Did you run away? Are you in hiding? Dillon and Rhys, did you steal Barney out of the box when your mom wasn’t looking? Is he buried in the back yard? I can’t wait to see where he is. Opie’s mom

  8. Hmmmmmm – I just wonder???

    If he’s coming to Vegas from Colorado, he could have walked by now!
    Methinks he’s in Cabo sipping a daiquiri and soaking up the sun.

    We aren’t going to have to bail him out of customs or WORSE a Mexican jail are we? (no offense to any Mexican jailers, okay?)


  9. Hahah! That photo made me crack up! The photo has a really good composition since the “Tortures Animals” writing is right above the absent head…

    -Chloe’s mom

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