Barney Still Intact After Puppy Play Time

Spirit Peyton welcomes Barney to Loveland, CO for puppy play time with Rhys and Dillon.

This just in from Loveland, Colorado: Barney has been partying with Spirit Peyton’s Pack!

We received an exciting package from Alaska last week. To our surprise it was Barney. We were really excited to meet him and experience all the previous Tripawd hosts. He made it very hard to want to kill him. We took turns chewing on him, as well as each other.

Barney was happy to sit on the sidelines watching. The week was pretty uneventful until Saturday.

Mom and Dad took Barney on a road trip around Northern Colorado in a new MINI Cooper. Barney was excited to pose in and on all the different cars. Later we took him up towards Estes Park where Barney got to experience true Colorado weather. In the morning it was nice and sunny and in the afternoon it was cold and snowy.

While on our mountain trip Barney played in the snow, in the river, and climbed trees.

At one point we caught Barney in a BBQ pit because Rhys was curious as to what BBQ Dinosaur tasted like. We had a great adventure.

The KillBarney tour must go on because we also failed the mission. We had such high hopes that the new little guy would rip him to shreds with those sharp puppy chompers! No such luck!! Barney continues to his next Tripawd family!

— Dillon, Rhys & Spirit Peyton (And Kris & Cami)

Be sure to check out Peyton’s Path soon for complete details and more photos from Barney’s visit. And stay tuned to find out where Barney turns up next!

Author: killbarney

Barney was always a favorite of Jerry … and his greatest nemesis.

4 thoughts on “Barney Still Intact After Puppy Play Time”

  1. I think I’m going to throw up. UGH. This is not the LOVE BARNEY TOUR! This is not WEEKEND AT BARNEY’S! Nor is it BARNEY’S BIG ADVENTURE! Those aren’t KillBarney pics, those are vacation pics and Barney was your guest! UGH.

    Barney should be DEAD! DEAD! DEAD I say!

    Dillion, look in the mirror at your teeth. Those would have worked! Turn those teeth on Barney and not on Rhyse!

    Come on! Even the eagle knew what to do. I was rooting for the eagle and you guys were ballin’ your eyes out! And then there’s the whole BBQ’d Barney thing. I was licking my chops! I cheered out loud! FINALLY, we were going to see some action! Burn, Barney, Burn! BUT Noooooooo!

    Where’s Barney going next? Hawaii? The Greek Isles? Venice? Paris? We wouldn’t want him to have a bad time on his next stop!



  2. You just wait Comet. It is hard not to like Barney. i know you will not tear him up because you take care of your toys. I remember you were mad when monkey butt tore up eleven years worth of your toys…

    So, terrific trooper’s try, Dillon and Rhys…all these other tripawds don’t understand a golden’s soft mouth… : )

    Comet< I have been practicing my saxophone. Moe later.

  3. See Comet! We aren’t the only ones who don’t hate Barney! And like Opie said how can you hate anyone in Loveland! We love every one even Monkey Butt!!! Mom saw some of that Monkey Butt powder! She almost sent it in Barney’s box in hopes it would make it to you soon :)!

    Dillon and Rhys

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