Barney Meets Opie Way Up North

KillBarney traveling Tripawds Barney tour takes Barney north to Fairbanks Alaska for a visit with glaucomys sabrinus and opie.

Wow. We had to adjust the KillBarney Tour Map preview for this one. Our little purple friend has made it even further north! This just in from our three legged friend, Opie in Fairbanks, Alaska …

Barney came to visit me in Fairbanks, Alaska!  You know, I couldn’t wait to get my jowls on Barney, but when he arrived and mom let me take him out of the box, I couldn’t bring myself to tear him apart like I planned.  He stunk sooooo good.

Through Barney, I got to meet Caira Sue, Queen Nova, Gerry, Maggie the tri-pug (as well as her sisters), and Maggie the cow dog (although I have a sneaky suspicion that Maggie is really Ursus the Karilean Bear Dog, who had to be relocated by the witness protection program, because her cover was blown by a savvy Kodiak Brown bear.)  Oops.  I hope I didn’t out her.

Barney got to have a few adventures while he was here.  He went to the Trans-Alaska Pipeline.  He accompanied me to the office with Mom.  He went to work with us Saturday, too.   This day of work was outside.  Yay!  Mom and I like the outside work.  At Chena Lake, Barney learned how to recognize animal signs (I was wishing for an owl to come swooping down and get him, but no luck there…stupid nocturnal birds.)

He  acquired a few tricks on how to stay alive if he ever found himself in a winter survival situation. (Which he did, because last night I forgot him in a snowbank in the yard, and he was still intact this morning, so… yeah.) He also learned how to fish through the ice (When Mom wasn’t looking, I tried to drown him in one of the ice holes.)  My mom said having Barney visit was almost the same as having a real person visit because she had to think up interesting things to do and see.

I have to apologize, to all the other tripawds, because I pretty much soft-mouthed Barney.  I didn’t break skin…  I gave him a good shaking every now and then, but didn’t do any damage.  Yeah, yeah, I know.  I barked the bark, but didn’t hop the hop.  I’m afraid somebody else is going to have to kill Barney.

More about Barney’s visit on my blog soon!

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Barney was always a favorite of Jerry … and his greatest nemesis.

25 thoughts on “Barney Meets Opie Way Up North”

  1. Oh, Opie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You totally, totally crack me up! I was wondering if he made it to Fairbanks! Phew! That was a long haul from Maine to Alaska!! Good boy on not drowning him down the fishing hole!! 🙂

    aka Ursus the Karilean Bear Dog

  2. WOW! Barney, I’m so glad you made it….and Opie, you are soooooooo funny! You really crack me up!!!

    Soooooooo, where shall Barney end up next???? hmmmm…..

  3. Thank you for the laugh, Opie.

    And good boy for not breaking Barney skin. 🙂

  4. Oh Opie! Back when I had Barney you said you couldn’t wait to rip him a new one. You said he was “stoopid”. But it turns out you are a softie like the rest of us! I don’t think anyone is EVER going to want to kill Barney because he smells sooooo good! I am sooooo glad Barney made it to Alaska. Mom was hoping that someone would send him up there. No wonder it took so long for him to surface.

    Hey, I think a stop in Canada is a great idea. We have lots of Tripawd friends there. Hope he can make a pit stop there on the way back to the States.

    Queen Nova

  5. Opie~

    You are the coolest! Its ok to bark the bark but not hop the hop! You probably thought you were hurting your new tripawd friends if you hurt Barney since their scents are all over him, right? Just say yes so we know you are still cool!

    Sounds like you and Barney had some fun adventures! You even had day light!!! Can’t wait to read more about your adventure with Barney!

    Dillon and Rhys

  6. Hey Opie – I think you’re beginning to show your soft side, a very soft side. It’s either that or your mom is forcing you to look sweet and posed with Barney right beside you. I hate to tell you this but you’re really not living up to your reputation with Barney right now….ok making us all laugh helps but…..
    Mackenzie from LA

  7. Bark the Bark but not hop the hop!

    Like Larry the Cable Guy says,

    “I don’t care where your from, That’s funny!!!!

    the chauffeur

  8. As you know from the recent Winter Olympics – even though they were held in British Columbia and not Alberta – Canadians are (p)awesome hosts!

  9. Canada is pretty cool…I can see it from my house. No. Wait. That’s not it. Oh yeah, that’s right…We can see Russia from our house…..bwaaaaaahahahahahahahah—crazy. Only I know where Barney is going next. I didn’t even tell my mom or pop where he was going.

  10. Opie,
    You are so such a wussy and mama’s boy! What a half-a** attempt at killing him!
    You know hypothermia doesn’t set in on Barney for at least 48 hours! And the drowning bit – aint buying it! (Oh poor baby, “mom wouldn’t let me” – yea right)


    Completely Miffed Comet

    (Thanks for outing Maggie! Now we have to give her a new identity!)

  11. Oh yeah. Thanks for leaving Alaska attached to Canada where it belongs. Usually people move it down next to Hawaii like it is some mondo island. Sheesh!

  12. P.S. Canadian friends –

    Let’s see how swell you guys are if we send Barney with a purchase receipt with a marked value of $500! Bwahahahaha!!!

  13. Opie – you are the coolest dog – and not just because you live in Alaska where it’s like 50 below !!

    Hey – if Barney comes to Alberta – he could have a two-for (as in – visit 2 tripawd members for the price of one) ! Catie and Sophie – who have never actually met – but live reasonably close to each other – could host Barney to a delightful prairie experience.

    And Comet – you are an evil little dog …. 🙂

    Tana and Sophie

  14. Opie! Glad to hear you didn’t rip up poor Barney!! Love the pictures of you and Barney… enjoy the purple dinasaur!! 🙂

    Angel Jake’s Mom

  15. Love the last photo. What a sweetheart, Opie. You’re not nearly as tough as you try to act! I can see the softness in that beautiful face.

    I bet Barney really enjoyed seeing the pipeline. I know I did when I was there.

  16. That looks like fun to spend time with Barney!! We hope he makes it to Kansas 🙂

  17. Harumph! Comet! Wait until he is visiting you. I’ll bet you won’t be able to rip him up. I’ll bet you’ll cheat and have monkey butt do it and then tell everyone that you did it…Grrrrrr.

    As for where Barney shows up. Nobody knows, but me. I am supreme ruler! I have banished the purple monster and reclaimed my territory. Godspeed stupid Barney. Opie

  18. Oh, and in Maine it was 70 degrees last week….I hope Barney packs a bikini as well as that coat he has…..never know what kind of weather he’ll run in to on his travels!

    You know Opie, I’m starting to wonder if really, under all those comments, you really are in love with Barney…hmmmmm…..and just don’t want him to know it????

  19. Careful Opie, I might do a switch-a-roo if Barney comes to my house! A purple sweater on monkeybutt and no one will know – especially those Canadians!

    – The Comster

  20. Wow. Comet. That sounds like a plan that just might work! You actually can be smart sometimes and not just a smarty-pants.

    NAH-AH. I do not LOVE Barney, Gina. That’s just silly.

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