Barney Meets Opie Way Up North

KillBarney traveling Tripawds Barney tour takes Barney north to Fairbanks Alaska for a visit with glaucomys sabrinus and opie.

Wow. We had to adjust the KillBarney Tour Map preview for this one. Our little purple friend has made it even further north! This just in from our three legged friend, Opie in Fairbanks, Alaska …

Barney came to visit me in Fairbanks, Alaska!  You know, I couldn’t wait to get my jowls on Barney, but when he arrived and mom let me take him out of the box, I couldn’t bring myself to tear him apart like I planned.  He stunk sooooo good.

Through Barney, I got to meet Caira Sue, Queen Nova, Gerry, Maggie the tri-pug (as well as her sisters), and Maggie the cow dog (although I have a sneaky suspicion that Maggie is really Ursus the Karilean Bear Dog, who had to be relocated by the witness protection program, because her cover was blown by a savvy Kodiak Brown bear.)  Oops.  I hope I didn’t out her.

Barney got to have a few adventures while he was here.  He went to the Trans-Alaska Pipeline.  He accompanied me to the office with Mom.  He went to work with us Saturday, too.   This day of work was outside.  Yay!  Mom and I like the outside work.  At Chena Lake, Barney learned how to recognize animal signs (I was wishing for an owl to come swooping down and get him, but no luck there…stupid nocturnal birds.)

He  acquired a few tricks on how to stay alive if he ever found himself in a winter survival situation. (Which he did, because last night I forgot him in a snowbank in the yard, and he was still intact this morning, so… yeah.) He also learned how to fish through the ice (When Mom wasn’t looking, I tried to drown him in one of the ice holes.)  My mom said having Barney visit was almost the same as having a real person visit because she had to think up interesting things to do and see.

I have to apologize, to all the other tripawds, because I pretty much soft-mouthed Barney.  I didn’t break skin…  I gave him a good shaking every now and then, but didn’t do any damage.  Yeah, yeah, I know.  I barked the bark, but didn’t hop the hop.  I’m afraid somebody else is going to have to kill Barney.

More about Barney’s visit on my blog soon!