Sassy Is Paid a Visit by Barney

Sassy the three legged Rottweiler hosts the Tripawds killBarney Tour in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

After having a fun time with Jill in the Big Apple, the next stop on the KillBarney Tour took Jerry’s little purple friend for a visit with Sassy the middle of the country. …


Look who arrived on Sassy’s 4th Ampuverary in Council Bluffs, Iowa.


What a great way to celebrate both Sassy & Bosch couldn’t get enough of Barney.


Check Sassy’s blog for complete details and more photos from Barney’s visit, coming soon! Post in the I Want Barney forum if you would like to host Barney next, or send shaddoc a PM. Check the Killbarney Tour Map to see all the Tripawds members Barney has visited around the world, or read a bit of Barney history if your wondering what this is all about.

A Big Day in Barney History

Tripawds Traveling Barney visits Jill in the Big Apple for a New York City stop on the KillBarney Tour and the first stay with a three legged cat.

Not only has the KillBarney Tour just made its first stop in the Big Apple, Jerry’s little purple friend is now visiting Tripawds kitty blogger Jill

Oh boy Oh boy Oh boy! It’s Barney’s first trip to the Big Apple and his FIRST TIME visiting a Tripawd Kitty Cat!! Good think there is a dawg here too or he might not get played with!

Barney and Jill

Jill seems to think he is here to give her belly rubs and Jack seems to be more interested in the box Barney came in, while Jill’s Aunt Belle has been busy destroying Barney from the second he got out of the box. Barney got a costume change as soon as he got here. Do you like his new digs?

Barney and Jill

Stay tuned to Jill’s Journey for more photos and details about Barney’s adventures in the Big Apple. If you want to host the U.S. leg of the KillBarney Tour next, post in the I Want Barney forum topic or consider sending a PM to Tripawds member rica55 for a quick response. want to see where Barney has been? Check the KillBarney Tour Map!

Barney Down Under Caught On Film

Australian KillBarney Tour Video

While Barney was visiting Spirit Magnum’s pack down under, Tripawds member princess put together this video of his adventures with lots and lots of photos.

Enjoy! 🙂

Where is Barney now? Nopawdy knows! To find out where he’s been, check out the KillBarney Tour Map!

Stay tuned for more of Barney’s travels around the world coming soon, and catch up on Barney’s recent adventures in the meantime.

Barney Visits Coco in the UK

Big news from the Tripawds UK leg of the KillBarney Tour! This just in from sporkwoman the United Kingdom…

Barney arrived this morning to Warrington, Cheshire in cold England. He arrived just 3 days after our new and very first Tripawd Coco.

Coco's Pack

Coco joined our family after traveling all the way from Romania, is now part of our furry family that includes 3 other dogs (all girls the lucky boy), 4 cats, 2 rabbits, 2 frogs, snake and some fish.

He’s going to help Coco settle into his new home and have some fun with his new family We’ll keep you posted on our adventures. I’ve attached a video of Coco and Toki having some fun with him after he was unboxed.

Coco and Barney

We hope to hear more about Barney’s UK adventures in Coco’s blog soon! If you would like to host the International KillBarney Tour, post in the I Want Barney form topic or let members know in the Tripawds UK Facebook page. To see all the places Jerry’s barneys have visited around the world, check out the KillBarney Tour Map.

Butchey Hudson Keeps Barney in Bean Town

Butchey Hudson hosts KillBarney Tour and shows Barney a good time in Boston, MA.

The Golden Goofs, Tripawd Warrior Butchey Hudson and his MonkeyButt sister Lola, are very happy to be playing hosts to Barney for an extended stay in the Beantown area! They picked him up from Angel Lupe’s Mom and are sure to have more adventures in store for Jerry’s little purple nemesis.

Butchey and Barney


Where will Barney head next on the KillBarney Tour? Only doggiemomma9 knows! Consider sending Butchey Hudson’s mom a Private Message in the forums if you would like to host Barney, or post in the I Want Barney forum topic for future hosts to see.

Check Butchey Hudson’s blog soon for more gory details about Barney’s visit. Maybe he’ll finally get that dress ripped off for good!

Check the tour map to see everywhere he’s been. Maybe someday we’ll get that world travelin’ Barney back on the road too… 😕