Sassy Is Paid a Visit by Barney

Sassy the three legged Rottweiler hosts the Tripawds killBarney Tour in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

After having a fun time with Jill in the Big Apple, the next stop on the KillBarney Tour took Jerry’s little purple friend for a visit with Sassy the middle of the country. …


Look who arrived on Sassy’s 4th Ampuverary in Council Bluffs, Iowa.


What a great way to celebrate both Sassy & Bosch couldn’t get enough of Barney.


Check Sassy’s blog for complete details and more photos from Barney’s visit, coming soon! Post in the I Want Barney forum if you would like to host Barney next, or send shaddoc a PM. Check the Killbarney Tour Map to see all the Tripawds members Barney has visited around the world, or read a bit of Barney history if your wondering what this is all about.

Author: killbarney

Barney was always a favorite of Jerry … and his greatest nemesis.

5 thoughts on “Sassy Is Paid a Visit by Barney”

  1. Hope your mama got a gas mask, Sassy, since Mr. Stenchy is pawsitively overpowering! Can’t wait to see what you do with him. I hope it involved digging a very deep hole.


  2. Oh this is precious! What great fun I know you’re going to have. How about starting by burying him in the snow? Maybe his stink will go away?

  3. I just love that second photo of Sassy. She looks happy and contented. She must have some devious plans for Barney to have her looking so serene!

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