Did you know it? Opie is a poet.

nova and barney kissing in a tree poem by tripawds member opie

That Opie is too funny! 🙂

We just had to share his comment on Barney’s visit with Queen Nova of Tripawds. No word yet as to where she has deployed our little fluffy foe.

BWAAAHHHahahahahahahahahahasnort. Nova loves Barney. Nova loves Barney.

Nova and Barney sittin’ on a bunk
Nova thinks Barney is a hunk

First comes slobber
then comes kisses
Now there sits Nova
and Barney she misses.

Forget about him, Nova. He’s purple, he’s spitty, he probably smells bad by now…you can do better.
~ Opie

Author: killbarney

Barney was always a favorite of Jerry … and his greatest nemesis.

4 thoughts on “Did you know it? Opie is a poet.”

  1. Opie, you are so talented…. haha… very funny.

    Don’t you all worry. Barney is now in transit to his next Tripawd, in fact he might be arriving there today or tomorrow hopefully. So there should be an update coming soon.


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