Wyatt Shoots his Barney

Wyatt tries to shoot Barney out of a Civil War canon at the Bloody Angle battlefield in Fredericksburg, VA.

While we wait for word from Domestic Barney, Wyatt wanted to share how he tried to shoot his little purple fiend friend from a Civil War canon at the Fredericksburg Courthouse battlefield while playing tourist during the Greyhounds Rock conference.

Wyatt shoots Bareny in Civil War Canon at Bloody Angle

Wondering where Jerry’s other Barneys have been? See the KillBarney Tour map of all Tripawds members they have visited. Stay tuned for more stops on the KillBarney Tour, coming soon!

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Barney was always a favorite of Jerry … and his greatest nemesis.

2 thoughts on “Wyatt Shoots his Barney”

  1. So funny! Wonder how many “non-dog” parents would like to shoot their kids Barney out of a cannon!?

    Should I be getting one for our Hunter? Is it the gift that keeps on giving?

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