Barney is on the way!

Barney hits the high seas to reach his next stop on the KillBarney Tour.

Or perhaps we should say under way

The KillBarney Tour is Under Way

A long overdue departure, unpleasant weather and heavy seas have had us all at Tripawds HQ wondering if Barney’s harrowing journey had come to an end. But land is in sight! Wherever that might be.

Can you guess where Jerry’s little purple friend is headed? Leave a comment if you think you know who will be hosting the KillBarney Tour next.

Hint: We may soon be updating the KillBarney Tour Map with GPS coordinates very close to those in the readout pictured above.

Author: killbarney

Barney was always a favorite of Jerry … and his greatest nemesis.

4 thoughts on “Barney is on the way!”

  1. YEA!!!! I am so happy Barney is back on the road and can’t wait to hear more updates! I am also curious if that ittle purple dude turns green like Baby Bopp his little cusin.

  2. Ooooo Barney Boy! Demise by drowning!!!

    Dang…wish I’d thought of THAT!!!!

    SOOO glad you have turned up, My Purple Provoker!


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