Please Help Get Barney Back on the Road

Purple dinosaur Barney doll and road tour being held captive by Tripawds community member.

I wish this was a joke, but sadly it’s not. Barney and all his treasures have been at Tripawd Katy’s house since February 14 and despite our many desperate pleas to get him moving again, Katy’s mom Crystal, has not responded.

Katy, Please Send Barney On!

Katy Hosts Tripawds KillBarney TourFor two months, we have been very concerned that something awful had happened to Katy or her pack. We received no response to our emails, when we asked about the Barney box and we were very worried. Finally, on March 25 she did post this blog post, “Don’t Panic, Barney’s Fine!

What a relief… but that was nearly a month ago. Katydid has now had Barney for almost two months, with no word on when he might be leaving or where he is going next.

Tripawds member kviz has offered to pay for shipping to get Barney back on Tour. We’ve also tried emailing, PMing Crystal and sending Facebook messages to her and her husband, Mike, but with no response we are becoming very concerned. Crystal is actively using Facebook and last logged in to Tripawds on April 8th so we know she’s online and has had the opportunity to see our messages.

We know life gets in the way of many things and Crystal is probably really busy. We get that. And if Barney somehow got destroyed by a dog, or lost in the mail, well, it would be tragic, but we get that too.

Tripawds KillBarney Tour JournalBut what we don’t get is:
knowing how Barney was mine and has visited many members,
knowing how many Tripawds have bared their souls in the KillBarney Journal and left so many mementos in the box,
and knowing what it means to this entire community,
why would Katy be holding him for so long?

Please help us find out!

I hope this doesn’t sound mean. It’s just that this is the first time this has happened and that little purple beast means a lot to all of us. We just want him on the road again, no questions asked, and we won’t have any hard feelings.

Barney has been with me since I was a puppy.

Puppy Jerry with First Barney

And he was there with me during my last moments on earth.

Jerry says final goodbye to Barney.

And he has helped many other Tripawds during their last days too.

What Should We Do Next?

My only ideas so far are that we should all try sending Facebook messages to Crystal and her husband, Mike, as well as through Katy’s Tripawds User Account (“katydid”) until we get confirmation that Barney is on the road (along with a tracking number for the peace of mind we so desperately need right now). If anyone has a phone number for Crystal, please give her a call or send us a PM so we can.

Thank you for whatever you can do to help get the KillBarney Tour back on the road. There are many other Tripawds out there who could use some cheering up!

Author: jerry

Jerry is the Founder and CFO (Canine Fun Officer) of Tripawds Blogs community and discussion forums. Read his story here.

23 thoughts on “Please Help Get Barney Back on the Road”

  1. Sent a message asking her to get in touch with Tripawds – Hope it helps Having read all about Barney he is certainly one very special little guy. Good luck!!!!!

  2. PLEASE SEND BARNEY BACK!!!!!! We feel just awful about this…like somehow it is our fault since we were the last to have him.

    🙁 🙁 🙁

  3. Gosh, hope he’s just resting comfortably, awaiting a new “ride” and will be heard from soon!

    We love (and love to hate) that little guy! And we love his box of goodies he travels with even more!

    Maybe they are buried under a pile of tax forms. Now that it’s April 15th, maybe they’ll come up for air real soon. Hope you hear from them!




  5. That was one of my regrets. I wish I would have done the Barney tour 🙁 I was so focused on fixing Sammy and had so many stresses in my life I just passed him on. I did get to open the box and see all of the treasures. I wouldn’t let Sammy smell Barney until we were ready for our own adventure.
    It never came unfortunately. That is an extremely sentimental dinosaur! All of the years and tales make it irreplaceable. I hope he continues on his way soon, no pressure but cancer doesn’t wait.
    Sammy’s mom

  6. Thanks everyone. Still no word on him but we just put it on our FB page so hopefully something will happen soon. We’ll keep you posted.

  7. anybody know if they still make these barney dolls anywhere? i’d be willing to to pay for one to get things moving again. My late tripawd, Georgia, wasn’t much of a toy kinda dog; but i’m sure she’d want her fellow three legged friends to find comfort any way they can…

  8. @wendi See the Plush Barney Doll ad in the right sidebar above? 🙂

    Thanks for the offer, but we have a few of Jerry’s replacement Barneys left. This is about much more than the doll missing in action. The box he travels in is filled with incredibly sentimental mementos, photos and memories from all the Tripawds who have hosted the KillBarney Tour. All we hope is that these treasures will be traveling again soon.

  9. OH NO….we never got to participate in the tour, Magic went to the Bridge before we could play host…but it means so much to so many, I am hoping beyond hope that it is just an oversight….please send Barney on…

  10. I just have to second the fact that this is about so much more than the crusty, stinky beast.

    The treasures that reside inside that box are irreplaceable. Most especially, the travel journal that contains countless paw prints of our beloved Tripawds…so many who are no longer here.

  11. Message sent! That is terrible!! Others are waiting….I would put Tazzy on the list but her and her MonkeyButt sister Shadow would probably get in a fight over who’s toy it is.

  12. Guys, he’s not lost, he’s not destroyed, he is packed up and ready to go, I just have to get him to the post office and on the road 🙂 I know where I want to send him, I just need to pm that person and find out if she still wants him. Relax, everything is under control! 🙂

  13. Thank you for the update Crystal. Please send a PM to Admin and Jerry with Tracking information for the package and the member’s name as soon as possible!

  14. Crystal, have you heard from this person? If not, please let us know and we will just have you send him to us. Thank you for prompt response.

  15. We are anxiously awaiting news of Barney’s arrival at his next destination… assuming he has departed, yet. [sigh]

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