Sooper Cooper, Barney Having Super Duper Time

Sooper Cooper hosts Barney as the KillBarney tour stops in Mount Pleasant, Iowa

We were just beginning to wonder where littlemanjake sent Barney, when this note came in from sooper Coop’s dad…

barney and super three legged dog cooper

Hi! Barney showed up on Cooper’s doorstep today, their adventure has just started but they are already getting to know each other!

barney and super three legged dog cooper

Looks like there’s some clowning around going on for sure. Can’t wait to hear all about it. The Killbarney Tour Map has been updated, and we anxiously await all the gory details in Cooper’s blog.

Author: killbarney

Barney was always a favorite of Jerry … and his greatest nemesis.

2 thoughts on “Sooper Cooper, Barney Having Super Duper Time”

  1. COOPER!! What are you doing?? Don’t be nices to tha lil purples menace!! Member what happend to lincolns?? Kick that eggplants butts!!!! No mercies!!

    ~Hurricane Rosie

  2. Rosie, yes yes ! you are absoluetly right , I dont know what overcame me. But not to worry I have mended my ways. In the guise of kindness … I shared my bone with Barney… bwhahahaaaa!! My bone is bigger than him and he almost met his demise trying to chew it.. see my blog for more details.

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