Barney Hangs Out With Tri-Pug Maggie

Three legged pug Maggie hosts Barney for some quality couch time in Livermore, CA.

Barney came to visit us in Livermore, California from Gerry in Madison Wisconsin.

When Gerry’s mom Bri asked us if we could entertain Barney she said she had seen a sign! While doing the Barney photo shoot outside the Great Dane Pub (Nova was before Gerry) she saw someone walking two pugs and she just knew that Maggie the pug had to be next!

Maggie has been a little under the weather these past few weeks, not quite as energetic as usual. When Barney got here I must say she was not that excited to play with him. So Barney’s visit turned into him just hanging out as part of the pug pack. I even sort of look at him as a good luck charm now. I know this goes against the whole KILLBARNEY world tour thing. But he has survived Maximutt, Caira Sue, Nova, and Gerry, not to mention THE Jerry. He has made several cross country trips and never lost his luggage!! I’m not sure I know anyone luckier than that. And I must admit that I don’t harbor the Barney hatred that some have. For the people I hung out with the little purple guy you loved or hated was Prince! Maybe my attitude rubbed off on Maggie a bit.

So Barney was just one of the pugs – he slept with us at night, went to the dog park (in the stroller) even went to a couple of vet visits, although he waited in the truck – no sense picking up any germs! He visited my parent’s house, where the girls spend a lot of time. He helped me do our first sub-Q liquids at home. And he brought some really nice early spring weather. I kind of hate to send Barney on his way – but he needs to get back on the real KILLBARNEY tour. Hopefully his next host is ready to rock and roll!!!

See Maggie’s blog for more details and pictures, and stay tuned to find out where Barney ends up next.

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Barney was always a favorite of Jerry … and his greatest nemesis.

8 thoughts on “Barney Hangs Out With Tri-Pug Maggie”

  1. Wow! It looks like Barney has gotten much bigger since we saw him here in Michigan. Barney sure has been lucky to get a couple of snugglebunnies in a row, and even a little warm weather. Now, I think it’s time to see someone kick some major Barney butt. I have a good idea who would be a reallllllyyyy good candidate. I can’t wait to see whose next!

    Love the pugs, they crack me up every time I see them. Great pics on the Tri-pug Blog.

    Sue and Nova

  2. Thank DOG Barney arrived at Maggie’s because he sure needed a break after crazy boy Gerry and that freezing cold weather out east!

  3. What a contented pair – Mags & Barney. Hanging out with the pugs must agree with him. Look at that happy smile :0

  4. Awww, they both look so happy. I think Barney is gloating over his survival though, and probably his return to sunny California as well. Perhaps Maggie’s smile, however, is because she knows what he’s in for next. (Yes, I do harbor the Barney hatred that Karen mentioned, haha. But only for the REAL Barney. This little stuffed guy is okay, I guess).

    Glad Barney could be Maggie’s good luck/good weather charm. Gerry sure must have thought he was a good luck charm since he rarely left home without him!

  5. It’s some kind of conspiracy. I think Barney has some sort of mind bending control over the dogs he visits…He is making them very docile and obedient and nice so they do not tear him up….Oh No……

    Quick pawrents, check your tripawds. Feel them all over. Let me know if you find a control box…I hope I am wrong, but I think
    Barney is turning all the tripawds into Stepford dogs….I truly hope that I am mistaken…but I have never been wrong before… Opie

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