Chloe Drags Barney Back to the Beach

Chloe chews off Barney’s eye and drags him to the beach during another KillBarney Tour California Tripawd visit.

Ding! Ding! We have a winner – Ginger was right. It was Chloe who had Barney all along. And boy have they been busy…

Chloe and Barney at the BeachHighlights of Barney’s Visit

Barney was initiated by Chloe immediately upon arrival through the removal of his right eye.  It seems to be a popular place to chew amongst the tripawds!  We definitely started his visit on the right note!  But before I tell you what else Chloe did to our purple friend, I will first elaborate further on our other adventures.

Chloe loves going to the beach, so why not take Barney around to show him how great the California weather is in winter?  While we were there, we enjoyed the sunny day, found some sea glass, chased the receding waves, buried Barney in the sand… a wonderful time was had by all, especially by Chloe.

Barney is StylinAnd on St. Patrick’s day, Barney told me he wanted to find some luck. So on our daily walk he rummaged through patches of clovers along the way. He was hoping to find a four leaf clover you know!

Unfortunately that didn’t pan out…  I asked him why he wanted to find some luck and he told me he wanted to become a real toy like the other ones Chloe had…

If you want to find out what Barney meant and what else happened to Barney on his visit, go to Chloe’s blog to read more!

And did I mention Barney made a music video?

California is turning out to be a popular destination for our little purple friend. Where he will head next, nobody knows – well, except for Chloe perhaps. To see where he has been, check out the KillBarney Tour map. And stay tuned here for his next big adventure!

Barney Says Stay Tuned

While we wait for word from Barney on tour, enjoy a short video of four legged Jerry enlisting Barney’s help to hit a rather noisy ball.

We got a message from Barney, but all he said was that he has arrived safely at his current stop on the KillBarney Tour and that there are big plans in store for him there. When asked what we should tell all his waiting fans, he told us to show another one of Jerry’s movies.

So, here’s another pre-Tripawds favorite … short but sweet:

Stay tuned to hear all about Barney’s latest adventure. Or, check out all the fun he’s had with other tripawds.

Right Back Where He Started From

Teaser video features Barney living it up in California, stay tuned to Mackenzie’s blog for full details about his latest KillBarney Tour visit.

KillBarney Tour fans are in for a special treat! Suspense has been building for sure as to the whereabouts of our little purple friend. And we’re going to keep it up with this teaser trailer submitted by his recent host (or shall we say hostess?) …

Not only is Barney an international traveler, but he has now officially gone coast to coast, to coast. His first stop was in California, and now he’s back there lovin’ the fun in the sun. A far cry from Fairbanks!

Want the big picture? You’ll have to stay tuned to the Tripawds Blogs for complete details. We’ll give you a hint — he’s been partying with Mackenzie! 🙂

Barney Meets Gerry at the Pub

This just in from GerrysMom…

Whew!  Sorry this took so long folks, but Barney has been with us here this whole time, in chilly Madison, Wisconsin. And he has charmed yet another tripawd into letting him live another day (er, week).

If his tour had begun a few months earlier, and Yoda had received him, well Barney would be a dino-skin rug by now, no question.  De-stuffing stuffed animals was probably Yoda’s third favorite activity after chasing/catching real live animals and playing with/devouring tennis balls.  But Gerry is content simply to carry.  He ain’t heavy, says Gerry, he’s my Barney.

Gerry takes Barney for a walk

And so Gerry carried Barney on at least one walk per day, usually two.  He was fair and didn’t ignore his other toys, but kept in mind that Barney was only on loan, so the purple dinosaur got priority play-time.  The most damage Gerry did was pull of part of an already partially pulled-off tag.  I am pleased to note that Barney was made in America.  Well done, Barney.

We have a small video tribute in honor of Barney’s visit.  Our apologies that the music will probably turn out a little wobbly, as usual:

I’m afraid it was so cold here that we didn’t attempt any exciting trips with our houseguest.  However, in honor of Nova, who sent us Barney, in part, because her family are fans of Madison’s Great Dane Pubs, I did take Barney there for a photo op.  For Nova, I was willing to walk around with a Barney doll in public, and hold him up in the air (attracting plenty of attention) to take that photo.  I just think that should be noted…

It was worth any embarrassment, however, because while outside the Great Dane Pub, I feel I received a sign regarding who shall receive it next.  If this person declines at this time, no worries, I will pretend I actually received a different sign and none of you will ever know.

Oh, I should note that swapping spit with Nova on the Barney doll caused him to have some Great Dane moments.  He sat on my lap one day after playing with Barney, and then crawled into my lap a little while later, reminding me of those adorable pictures of Puppy Nova.  So, if subsequent receivers of Barney see their tripawd start carrying shoes, or knocking things off the coffee table with their tail, or growing black spots on their tongue – no worries! – that’s just Gerry’s DNA rubbing off.  It’s probably temporary.

Thanks for the visit Barney and dogspeed in your future travels!

~ GerrysMom & Gerry

PS: I think Spirit Yoda must have been offing hunting wabbits all week, otherwise he would have talked Gerry into de-stuffing Barney.

Barney Meets Three Legged Max

Our good friend ThreeLeggedMax got a special present in the mail recently… he’s not quite sure whether to kiss it, or kill it.

Watch how Spirit Jerry must have taught Max to grab Barney with his one front paw in the video below. Then check out Max’s Tripawds Blog updates and read all about his three legged adventures.

Got any photos (or videos) of your tripawd having a go at Barney? Submit them here for the Killbarney blog!

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