Barney Puts the Woo in WOO HOO!

Jerry’s purple nemesis Barney visits Rio ans Zephyr in Kingston, Washington.

Just when we started to wonder where Sooper Cooper sent Jerry’s little purple nemesis, we heard from riosmom

Rio and Zephyr Release BarneySo, we arrived home from our trip to Oregon, and a s’prize was waiting. Momma tried to let me open the box, but Tosca kept putting her big ol’ head in the way. She thought I was taking too long, so she kept shoving me out of the way and trying to chew the box open. (I think she smelled the yummy treats that Cooper sent to ME.)

Rio and Zephyr Release BarneySo, first thing after we got the box open, I found Cooper’s turtle – it smelled SOOPER!!! I wanted to chew on it but Momma said NO, cuz it’s Cooper’s special turtle. When Mom was supervising me with Cooper’s turtle, Zephyr swooped in and stole Barney, then ran into the bedroom into her “house.” Mom yelled after her to DROP IT, and she did (what a good Monkeybutt), and then Mom gave Barney to me. Immediately The Moose tried to grab him from me, so I ran to a safe corner so that I could check him out. T was not very patiently waiting her turn.

Here’s a picture of me getting acquainted with Jerry’s purple nemesis

Rio Greets BarneyMom’s got some fun stuff planned for the weekend, and then Barney will be movin’ along to his next big adventure. But we wanted everyone to know that Barney’s turned up in Washington again! Hope he brought some sun with him.

— Rio

Check Rio’s Blog soon for complete details!